The amendment to the special visas for temporary farm workers that assists farmers in harvesting crops and shearing sheep is destined to cost everyone in Australia.

Migration lawyers, farmers, and foreign temporary farm laborers are baffled by the logic that the new law is based on.

Farmer’s groups that represent Australian farmer’s interests claim that the new change in the visa requirements for temporary farmworkers will prevent the growth of markets that has been setting a record pace until now.

Australian workers simply will not do the rough labor required for harvesting food crops or shearing sheep. The productivity of Australian farms has grown every year over the last decade but the number of Australians willing to do this work has dropped by 27 percent in the last decade.

Framers need temporary foreign laborers to bring the crops they grow to market.

If the number of temporary workers is reduced as the new visa law requires then prices for Australian grown crops will increase and the foreign market for Australian grown products will decrease due to lack of supply. Raising the rates of pay to make farm work attractive to Australian workers will make farming a money losing operation.

Foreign workers will have to seek added services from a migration agent in order to get a visa to work in Australia. The new bill will create added costs for the migration agents that will be passed on to the farmer lowering the farmer’s profit.

Migration lawyers are working with groups that represent farmer’s interest and groups that represent temporary worker’s interest to modify or repeal this misguided change in the visa laws of Australia. Every migration agent in Australia is attempting to make the changes that the new law demands. If they do not succeed in changing the new visa requirements then every Australian will have to pay more for food.

Temporary foreign workers from other countries have been employed by Australian farmers for centuries. The workers enter Australia under a temporary work visa. They do the job that needs doing and then they go back home. The laborers make more in Australia in one season than they could in a year in their home country.

The Australian Parliament may have taken their direction from the attempts in the United States to prevent illegal immigration. Australia is not the United States and does not need to take the direction that has cost the United States a fortune and has only served to increase illegal immigration.

Migration lawyers and Australian farmers know that the temporary worker system never needed any changes. Everyone involved benefited from the old system but the legislators in Australia appear to have taken it into their heads to destroy the livelihood of farmers and foreign farmworkers

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