Farming machinery and equipment is indispensable. Nevertheless, farm machinery is prone to breakdowns owing to the rough nature of their work. Considering the costs involved when purchasing and repairing this equipment, smart farmers put great emphasis on proper care and maintenance of farm machinery.


Care and maintenance of farm tools and equipment vary depending on one’s needs, but there are several general maintenance services that come in handy for every farmer.


Cleaning and Lubrication

Farming machinery and equipment are bound to get dirty every time you use them. This, however, shouldn’t discourage you from keeping them clean. Cleaning is essential for preventing complications such as clotting and rusting. Getting rid of the dirt and mud also clears the way for easy inspection so you can easily spot defects such as oil leaks and cracks, among others. Finally, cleaning also goes a long way in ensuring your farm machinery’ durability.


Lubrication is also just as important as cleaning. Every movable part of your farm machinery and equipment should always be lubricated to prevent friction. Friction is one of the leading reasons for wear and tear of mechanical machinery. It leads to costly breakdowns, and it contributes to poor performance and shorter life expectancy for the equipment. Be sure to use good quality lubricants that will last.


Look Out for Rusting

Rust is one of the biggest problems for farm tools and machinery. The exposure to moist soil and water eats away the metal with time, and this compromises the machinery’s performance. Rusting in the engine and other internal parts may also compromise the machinery’s integrity and necessitate costly repairs.


Fortunately, it is possible to prevent rusting; or at least put it off for years. The first solution is keeping your farming tools and machinery clean by washing them after use; store them in a warehouse where they can stay dry away from the harsh weather elements, especially during the rainy season.


You can also go an extra mile to prevent rusting on your farming tools and equipment by coating them in paint and wax – this will also keep them looking good. You can also spray them in the special anti-rusting spray.


Keep the Glasses Intact

The glass on your tractor and truck is meant to keep you safe as you plough and go about your work. Unsurprisingly, your auto glass is bound to develop cracks or even shutter.


The slightest defect on your auto glass should not go ignored. You are guaranteed to find auto glass services for whichever problem you are dealing with. If it is just a slight crack, then take your machinery in for auto glass repair. Bigger defects, however, may necessitate an overall auto glass replacement.


Be sure to seek out the best auto glass services. Quality services will not only assure the durability of your machinery’s glass but also fortify your security whenever you are out in the field.


Schedule Professional Inspections

The best way to be sure that your farming tools and machinery are in good shape is by consulting a professional mechanic. The mechanic will perform a comprehensive inspection especially for the engines and other integral components that may be beyond your grasp. The mechanic can also perform any necessary repairs needed to keep your machinery in top shape. It is also recommendable to take operator training lessons especially if you are working with sophisticated farming machinery.




Farming machinery is a crucial investment that you cannot afford to lose. It should serve you for years, and the best way to ensure that it stays in service for as long as possible is by taking proper care of it. These general maintenance tips should get you started and keep your farming equipment and machinery fairly safe and effective.


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