Choosing the right vehicle for a farm can be a daunting task. It is paramount to determine the purpose of the car first. Some farms need a vehicle for loading and offloading of hay, others require cars that can maneuver hilly terrains. Whether you choose to buy a new or a used car, ensure that it sufficiently meets your needs. Besides, you can always engage a car broker service to help you get what you want.


Depending on what you need to be done within the farm, here are 5 best cars to buy in 2019.

1. John Deere 9370R Tractor

The tractor has a standard comandview that is comfortable, spacious, and that offers good visibility to the driver. The tractor also has an electro-hydraulic PTO engagement. What’s more, is that it is even possible to link all information on how the machine operates from anywhere using a telematics system. All you need to do is connect with JDLink and experience enhanced efficiency, productivity, and increased farm profits.


2. Ford F150

The Ford has been in the market for more than 30 years and has still managed to maintain its class and sophistication in getting work done. As a farmer, you need a car that is sturdy enough to maneuver the farm. It is even better if your farm car can double up as your best ride for the road trip. The F150 series comes either as a 6 cylinder engine or an 8 cylinder engine. The car also comes in different bed styles giving you a variety of choices depending on your farm requirements.


3. Toyota Tacoma

This model is the perfect choice for a farmer who wants a stable car for the farm and one that can double up as a personal car. The vehicle is affordable and small in size. All the same, it can handle some light towing and hauling works around the farm.


4. Toyota Hi-Lux

Any modern farmer would go for this powerful truck because it has a proven record of efficiency. The vehicle is diesel operated which enhances its performance and fuel efficiency. Besides the affordability, the car is stable enough to withstand even the harshest weather or terrains. The truck is suitable for loading of farm inputs and products such as hay. Besides, during the weekend it can be used to run other errands.


5. Ford Ranger

The double cabin pickup truck is appealing to any farmer buying a car in Australia. The car is sturdy on both roads and off-road. Besides the great rear view for the driver, the car has safety features which is what any farmer desires. The vehicle is perfect for light-duty towing and hauling works within the farm. It can also be used by the farmer to tour the farm because it is impractical to go round a 10-acre piece of land on foot. It not only saves time but also saves money.




Any farm requires the necessary equipment and machinery to get work done faster and efficiently. A farm car is a necessity. However, when buying the vehicle, it is paramount to ensure that the car is stable enough to handle rough terrains. Besides, the chosen vehicle has to meet the specific needs within the farm. It is even better if the car can double up as a personal vehicle. 

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