Do you have plans to store fuel for a long time? If not, then you should because it will give you more options. Storage of diesel entails having proper measures that will ensure it is free from contaminants and safe. The main storage unit is the use of a diesel fuel tank and if properly stored, your fuel can last for seven to twelve months. So, here are five tips that will help you store your diesel fuel in fuel storage tanks outdoors for long on your farm.

Determine how long you will store your fuel

Storage of diesel in fuel storage tanks depends on how well you will resolve the issue of chemical instability, prevent microbial activities, and comply with the regulations. So, this means if your aim is to store the fuel for many months, then the secret is on how well you are prepared to do so.

Of course, most farmers aim for maximum storage time. The key to achieve that is keeping the diesel fuel storage tanks dry and the fuel inside them cool. In ideal conditions, the storage can last for up to six to twelve months. Failure to keep the diesel fuel temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the longest time achievable is only twelve months.

To extend the storage past twelve months, then the fuel must be treated with the appropriate biocides and fuel stabilizers.

Fuel storage tanks maintenance and management

Make sure you have a system to track your fuel consumption. Properly managed and maintained tanks have the benefit of keeping the fuel water free. So, the primary goal of a farmer should be to maintain the integrity of the tanks especially those that are found above the ground tanks and have opened on the top side. Such tanks can be contaminated with rain water if left open and deteriorate with time.

Minimize space over time

Apart from maintaining structural integrity, it is also important that overtime you minimize the space left. Leaving too much space would lead to increased condensation leading to water accumulation in the tanks. In a bulk fuel tank, the amount of space needed depends on two factors: the volume of fuel due to expansion and the tank design.


The regulations governing diesel fuel storage are very important and depend on whether your tank is above the ground or 10% underground. The regulations are different in each case. Also, the regulations are different in the different areas and it is important to be updated. These measures are put in place to prevent leakages, spillage and addresses issues on corrosion problem. They advise accordingly on these issues and as a farmer, you can learn a lot from such measures and maintain your fuels storage tanks for long.

Control and maintain the stability of diesel

Diesel fuel storage tanks farm use the biocides and stability treatments to prevent unprecedented fuel storage problems. The biocides kill any diesel bacteria growth in the bulk fuel tank while the stability treatments ensure that chemical reactions as a result of outside influences don’t breakdown the diesel fuel.

Diesel fuels usually lack sulphur which is removed from the ULSD making it prone to microbial activity. It is, therefore, necessary to use the biocides for the treatment of diesel fuels. It is also important to note that fuel stabilizers prevent the acid-base reactions.

So, whether you have a tank from a fuel tank hire or you have several of your own, the most important thing is keeping the diesel cool and away from contaminants, maintain the integrity of diesel tanks, follow the regulations and control the stability of the tank.


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