Camping and holidays are taking a new route and are becoming more famous in farm stays. Since several people live in urban areas, most of them want to change the environment and experience the rural setting. New South Wales (NSW) is well known to have several places where guests can comfortably camp in farm stays. A farmstay in NSW is common due to its coastal location providing a cool climate for people to relax.

Farmstay in NSW for camping is the most common practice in the state. Waking up in a natural environment is the best feeling for many people who love bonding with nature. Remember, there are several benefits associated with camping. The most common one is it’s good for your health because it helps your mind to relax. The following are some of the best farm stays for all your camping needs in NSW.

Blueberry Hills on Comleroy

The farmstay is located in Kurrajong, just 18km from Blue Mountains National Park. If you are looking for a real rural environment, this is one of the places to be. The farm stay has an orchard where you can pick fresh blueberries and other fruits. This is one of the pet friendly farm stays in NSW. Guests can have a chance to feed the animals or take a walk on the 14-acre piece of land. In 2018 Blueberry Hills was on the New South Wales Finalist Tourism Awards. Even if it has a rural setting, there is free WiFi and humble parking for all guests.

Address: 464 Comleroy Rd, Kurrajong NSW 2758, Australia

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Ionaforest Yurt and Shepherds Hut

The farm stay is located in Wingello, Australia. This place is best for couples who love bush life. It is one of the cheap farmstay in NSW but with high quality and amazing experience. The yurt has two bedrooms, a dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen. Guests will experience the native wildlife. Security is well taken care of because there are several dogs. Cycling and hiking are some of the major activities guests can participate in. This is one of the farmstay in south coast NSW. The host will warmly welcome you and give you the best hospitality.

Address: 21 Kemps Rd, Wingello NSW 2579, Australia

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Emma’s Cottage Vineyard

This is one of the best places to spend some humble time in Lovedale. It is rated 9.6 for a two-person stay. Unlike some farm stays at Emma’s Cottage, there is an outdoor swimming pool where you can relax as you taste the best wines. In your stay at this place, you will meet the best winemakers from the vineyard on site. The place has a long history of local wines. The cottages have air conditioning facilities, and the kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher. The seating area has a huge TV and a DVD player for all your entertainment needs.

Address: 438 Wilderness Rd, Lovedale NSW 2320, Australia

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Hunter Hideaway Farm

It is a pet friendly farmstay in NSW where guests can bring and stay with their pets in the rooms. This is a farmstay in north coast NSW. In Hunter Valley, this is one of the leading farms where there is a huge annual number of visitors. There is an on-site restaurant where guests can enjoy breakfast. From this property, one can view the famous Watagan Mountains, which are only 20 minutes away. There are around 200 acres of land where you can go hiking or cycling with your friends and family.

Address: 84 Q7 Private Access, Quorrobolong NSW 2325, Australia

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Moorallie Cottage Farmstay

This place is located in a peaceful, quiet place full of joys of nature. There is no WiFi so that you can have a humble time bonding with nature. It is located in Wondalga, New South Wales, along 113 Macks Road. The cottages are self-catering with BBQ facilities. The farm is pet-friendly, and you can go fishing or hiking.

Address: 113 Macks Rd, Wondalga NSW 2729, Australia

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Donnybrook Eco-Retreat

It is located in Luskintyre, Australia. For the people who love luxury in safari style and self-catering, this is the place you need to explore. The accommodation is in beautiful tents which are self-contained with a fully furnished kitchenette. There is a dam on-site near one of the tents while the other tents are on a hill. The property has more than 100 acres, and it’s a home for several animals. Some of the main recreational activities include fishing, biking, and swimming.

Address: 702 Luskintyre Rd, Luskintyre NSW 2321, Australia

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Farm Club Australia

The farm is located in Werai, Australia, with more than 1000 acres of land for guests to tour. The touring is mainly done by bikes or by walking. It is one of the few farm stays offering golf to the clients. Hiking is also common with several guests. The accommodation is in cottages where guests are responsible for cooking their meals. Guests can enjoy the rural view as they feed the different types of animals found on the farm. These animals include horses, chickens, sheep, cows, etc. There is also a cafĂ© and shop for guests to purchase whatever they need. 

Address: 1 Werai Rd, Werai NSW 2577, Australia

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