If you have a barn in your farm, rustic weddings can be quite appealing. However, the planning process needs to be flawless since small errors can completely mess up the event. Three key factors to consider when organising barn weddings are the theme, venue, and budget. The theme and venue should generally feature aspects of farm environments and romance. The rustic wedding is actually very affordable and should perfectly fit even the smallest budgets. This guide will help you plan a flawless rustic barn wedding.


The Theme

Decorations in a rustic wedding should always be kept simple. Farms generally have a neutral and natural feel, so you should go for calm colours. You can style up the venue with some pretty props like bales of hay and tree logs. Make sure all the props enhance the theme of nature. With the furnishings, you should still stick to relaxed colours. Brown and cream are some good colours for the furnishings. Wedding dresses for farm wedding should also be of similar colours.


A farm wedding should fuse farm life with romance, so you can consider adding flowers to glasses and other places in the venue. Also, you can incorporate string or twinkle lights. There are many ways to get creative with these lights. For a farm wedding, you can hang these lights as backdrops behind the wedding cake. Also, these lights can be draped behind your photo booth so that you can produce excellent wedding pictures.


Finally, you should ditch traditional fancy meals and instead go for simple barbeques or hog roasts. This will make the event feel less formal and more relaxed. You can also bake some cakes and serve them out to your guests. Serving food in this way will keep you in line with the farm theme.


The Venue

Barn weddings are not just supposed to be held on any farm. One of the key factors to consider when choosing the venue is accessibility. The place should have good roads for those arriving in vehicles. Also, it should be wheelchair-accessible. You should consider whether the roads get muddy when it rains.


Another important thing to consider is the local sound ordinance regulation. Even if the venue is in a remote place, you may still get bothered by local law enforcement personnel. If you have to pick a venue in a place with strict sound ordinance rules, you should plan the after party accordingly. For example, you can choose to organise the after party at a local bar or restaurant.


If you are new to the place, make sure you ask around to find out whether there are bugs in the venue. If you are unsure about the situation in the venue, you can simply get bug sprays early and clear the venue. Bugs can cause distress in the event and mess up the mood, so you shouldn’t take chances with your rustic barn wedding.


You should also check whether your guests have allergies. If they have allergies, you should consider getting an allergy-proof venue.



Everyone makes plans with a budget in mind. Some of the biggest expenses in your wedding will be the venue, entertainment, and outdoor farm wedding decorations. You can save money on the venue by choosing a place that is not full-service. Also, you can consider trimming your guest list. This will allow you to pick a smaller venue. The expenditure on food and entertainment will also be reduced significantly if you have fewer guests. If your budget cannot be stretched, you should consider organising the event on your own. Wedding planners can be quite expensive.




Weddings are very important occasions. To many people, these events actually mark the happiest day in their whole lives. Planning weddings can be complicated, but some simple tips can help you organise the perfect event. If you are planning a farm wedding, you should follow the tips listed in this article. You can also hire wedding planners to help with the planning process.


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